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well finally watching the hunger games after have read it over a year ago, love it soooo far had to take a break and wait for my sister so....
cool The Hunger Games Igrzyska Śmierci Catching Fire W Pierścieniu Ognia Johhana Ka... by http://www.dezdemonhumor.xyz/hunger-games-humor/the-hunger-games-igrzyska-smierci-catching-fire-w-pierscieniu-ognia-johhana-ka/

Hunger Games

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Ya know, just a bit of jiggery-pokery -- The 9th Doctor and Rose

Doctor Who

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I have to say, I really loved the ship design in 'Prometheus.'
#Serenity - "This landing's gonna get pretty interesting." - "Define 'interesting'." - "Oh god, oh god, we're gonna die." #Firefly #wash #mal #cantstopthesignal
SERENITY #Firefly #JossWhedon


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old man and his old lady... :D #newgirl
Humor | New Girl
new girl

New Girl

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I laughed
"She would do absolutely anything for him, and now he needs her more than ever...I hope he remembers that she didn't hesitate. That when no one else could, Molly caught his fall." Pinned for the comment. Glorious.


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Diagon Alley
Diagon Alley
Dumbledore :)

Harry Potter

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Korean Drama - Spy Myung Wol
Swedish Laundry- 2015 kdrama. This looked funny but i'm not feeling it yet after the first episode.
Целитель (Healer) 2014 - НетВСети

Asian Dramas

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Most definitely one of the greatest photos ever taken.
This is how I knew...

Marvel & DC

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Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine.
Zachary Quinto & Chris Pine - Star Trek

Star Trek

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Malec || Shadowhunters cast || Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr || Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane
Harry Shum Jr

Malec - The Mortal Instruments - Shadowhunters

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Magnus E Alec, Nickelodeon, Malec Kiss, Men Kissing
gif, alec lightwood, and harry shum jr image Fan Fiction
Malec Dc Comics, Family Channel, Marvel, Fictional World
. Fandoms Unite, Serie Got
Episode 9, "Rise Up" Abc Family
I love Alec! #Shadowhunters 1x05 Clary Und Jace