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the different types of cell phones are shown in this box, with labels on them
👉Bacillus cereus on MYP, Salmonella enterica or E. Coli on VRBD, E. Coli on TBX. 👉Salmonella enterica on RSA, Saccharomyces cerevisiae on DRBC, Listeria on OCLA 👉E. Coli on CCA, Citrobacter freundii on CCA, Staphylococcus aureus on BP 📸: @miss.margemallow
the structure of an animal cell and its functions, labeled in pink text on a white background
an image of eggs and other things in the water
the diagram shows different types of cell lines
an image of different types of cell lines
Gram stain testing in laboratory
an image of some pink and white things in the middle of a circular object with dots on it
an image of different types of cell membranes and their functions in the human body
Common bacteria types stock vector. Illustration of ecoli - 66699048