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sewing supplies laid out on top of a wooden table with measuring tape and scissors next to them
Tutoriel : Sac à vrac | Le blog Mercerie Caréfil
five pieces of green and white polka dot fabric
two toothbrush holders made out of fabric
Zahnputz Täschchen...
four different colored pencils and pens in pouches
a hand holding three tassels on top of a white bag with pink background
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an empty bag with two bottles in it sitting on a wicker chair
a white flowered purse sitting on top of a table next to books and cotton
two napkins with flowers on them sitting next to each other
見た目はハンカチ!さりげなく生理用品を持ち歩ける「サニタリーポーチ」 - アトリエmegumi~ハンドメイドの日々~
見た目はハンカチ!さりげなく生理用品を持ち歩ける「サニタリーポーチ」 | megumi ハンドメイドの日々
Lovely Cotton Flower & Vintage Style Sanitary Pad Pouch

The Privacy Pouch is a great way for a girl to protect her privacy while in school. Great for ‘tween first period emergency wallet so she is always ready without embarrassment.

The pouch is 13cm x 13cm” when closed, is in small size with double pockets and super convenient to carry.
Material - Cotton / Linen
Made of high-quality material, tear resistant, wear resistant, very durable.
Button clip design to prevent pad from falling. Upcycling, Tela, Sanitary Napkin Bag, Sanitary Napkin, Pouch Diy, Sanitary Pads
Sanitary Pad Pouch, Travel Sanitary Bag, Teens Girl Gift, Feminine Bag, Girl Privacy Pouch for Her, Money Bag, Mother's Day Gift, School Bag - Etsy
four pieces of cloth are lined up on a table
Sanitary Pad Pouch