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Indian Pashmina Stoles

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Kashmir, apart from snow-capped mountains, serene lakes and delicious cuisine, is also home to Pashmina, which is a fine form of cashmere wool. The wool comes from pashmina goat that is found at high altitiudes in The Himalays. The word is derived from the Persian word Peshmineh, which means 'made from Pashm' (Persian for wool). Pashmina products are hand-spun, woven and embroidered only in Kashmir.

Green-Rust Reversible. This stole is what we like to call an 'absolute must-have!' It has a dazzling twin shade that is attractive indeed! On one side is a gorgeous rust color that is made to be worn with blacks, purples and deep-reds, while on the other is a dull green hue. Choose one of the two colors that best reflects your mood. Want to wear both? Twist and tie a casual knot around the neck... Bingo!


Dark Brown Plain. Dark brown is an earth colorr that goes fantastically with blues and whites. Blacks can also be paired with this stole. It is a darker shade of brown that is perfect for all skin tones.

Medium Brown Checks on White Base. This stole has natural colors of brown and white, check being medium in size. It goes well with all color families but specifically with reds, blues and browns. It is pure pashmina and is, thus, quite warm.

Magenta Plain. Magenta is one of the secret favorites of the ladies, and we are aware of that. It's bold and sexy but not everyone can carry it off. Dare to try it? Browns, deep reds and whites or just about anything you want to add a dash of color to!

Light Brown Plain. Light brown is a perfect color for casual evenings. Worn with shades of blue or black or white, it's a perfect companion on slightly nippy evenings.

Large Grey Checks on White Base. This stole has beautiful grey checks on a snow-white base. They can be work with all color families or can be carelessly thrown over a look of jeans ans a casual jacket.

Purple Checks We absolutely adore this one! Twin shades of purple play on your senses in this fine pashmina stole. It has to be held to believe how soft and silky it is! Purple goes best with shades of blue, cherry, white, etc. So wear it wherever you go and grab all the eyeballs!

Off White Plain. This is one true color that can be worn with any color and attire any time! Blacks, browns, blues, greens, any color. Still want to add some more zing to this hue? We suggest wearing it with a smile... Perfect!

Crimson Plain. There is no limit to combinations and colors this beautiful stole can be paired with. Black, yellow, purple, lime green, skuy blue.... we will run out of place! It is soft, warm and every bit a lady's companion.

Bright Pink Plain. Another fascinating color that we are sure will be a runaway hit! It is slightly on the bolder side and looks fantastic on lighter skin tones. Casual yet suave, bright yet subtle... no wonder we can't stop talking about it!