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Indian Dance, Music, Cinema

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Bold aesthetic expressions merge with careful research oriented scriptures. This is all about Indian dance, music and entertainment

India | भारत (India)

Pandit Jasraj is the prominent exponent of the Mewati Gharana of Hindustani Classical Music. He is a genius Indian classical vocalist to enrich the rich heritage of Indian culture. for more visit the page. #music #traditionalmusic #vocalist

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Classical Indian dance drama is an authoritative genre of Indian theater. For more visit the page. #dance #drama #theater #folkart

India | भारत (India)

Tillana is a musical composition of mnemonics sung in a raga set to a specific tala. This is the final section of Bharatnatyam. For more visit the page. #dance #classicaldance #bharatnatyam

India | भारत (India)

Apart from making critically acclaimed thought provoking films in Bengali Cinema, Rituparno Ghosh had also worked as an actor, television presenter and magazine editor. Visit the page to learn more about him. #cinema #entertainment #film

India | भारत (India)

Kalpana is definitely a masterpiece of Indian cinema and it is almost impossible to categorise indeed Kalpana is the artistic seed of Uday Shankar. It has remained a model for even the most discerning of filmmakers. for more visit the page. #dance #music #art

India | भारत (India)

Gharanas of Kathak usually comes from the name of the place or city from where it was originated. For more on this visit the page. #kathak #dance #classicaldance

Repertoire in Odissi is based on the division of dances into Nritta and abhinaya as in the other dance forms of India. For more visit the page. #dance #classicaldance #indiandance

India | भारत (India)

Mumtaz is remembered in Bollywood for her beauty and histrionics. She acted in well know films such as "Khilona", "Tere Mere Sapne" and "Aaina". For more on her life and achievements visit the page. #bollywood #actress #cinema


Technique of Manipuri has a flow and a grace which contrasts typically from the precision and terse clarity of the South Indian styles. For more visit the page. #dance #indiandance #folkdance


Chanchari Dance is a traditional free style dance similar to Jhoda dance of Uttarkhand- Garhwal. The subject of the dance mostly revolves around love rapture. For more visit the page. #dance #folkdance #indiandance