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an industrial machine with several different types of equipment
Bi-axial Machine with Single Station · Mild Steel 3-Arm Bi-axial Rotomoulding Machine with Ce Mark, 35 horsepower, and a maximum capacity of 2000 liters.
a machine that is sitting in front of a white background with the words shuttle on it
Shuttle Rotomolding Machine
We offer a highly developed shuttle rotomolding machine/shuttle type rotomolding machine that is used to produce a huge volume of different-sized plastic goods in a single working cycle.
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Rotational Moulding Machine
Since 2011 we have focused solely on the rotomoulding industry. We have accumulated significant competence in Rotomoulding Innovation with the aid of considerable time.
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Two Arm Rotomolding Machine
Acknowledging the requirement of our customers to produce deep cavity double-wall technical parts, India Roto Plast has introduced the Two Arm Bi Axial machine.
two diagrams showing the steps to an elevator
Single Arm Rotomolding Machine
Single Arm Biaxial Machine, Single Arm Biaxial Machine Manufacturer, Single Arm Rotomolding Machine Manufacturer
an architectural drawing shows the different sections of a circular structure, and how they are used to
Optional Hydraulic Lift to reach material on top of oven for Multi-layer charging results in fast processing.