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"Central Asia’s rich hydrocarbon and uranium resources could serve the needs of a rapidly industrializing India’s economy and nuclear-energy program."

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Threats to national security are a global issue facing the world presently. Of the 7 billion people of the world 1.4 billion live in #SouthAsia. Even though many parts of the region are peaceful and trouble-free there are still potential threats to national security in many South Asian countries.

Applying conflict sensitivity in #Yemen: the dynamics of acceptance by Shoqi Maktary

#CentralAsian perspectives on the prospects for conflict resolution and stabiliza- tion in #Afghanistan are mostly similar with regard to the causes of the conflict in Afghanistan, with some differences resulting from ethnic solidarity.

One of the most enduring myths of Caucasus history involves the little-noticed and oddly placed border between #Turkey and #Azerbaijan. At first glance at any map, this border is not readily apparent and seems almost nonexistent. However, on closer inspection, one can see a small sliver of land jutting out from Turkey's northeastern #Igdir Province to the northern #Sadarak and #Sharur raions of Azerbaijan's #Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic.

This article aims to provide an insight into the complexities associated with formulating a cease-fire agreement between the #Russian Federation and the #Ukraine. The historical context of this long running dispute displays a legacy of agreement and resolution which, never appear to materialize into an implemented peaceful settlement. It outlines some of the previous agreements and highlights their documentation.

Nations live in times not in ages. #Pakistan is still passing through a premature period of its birth. Its progress has not been perpetual. What makes sense about a developing country is the hope which can be realized by its future 'developed and advanced.’ Pakistan is learning through its past experiences and present situations.