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Rice Varieties

Indian tasty recipes shares healthy rice varieties which can be prepare easily with showcasing the cooking photos
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Lemon rice recipe preparation steps which is good idea of cooking fast and can be taken as breakfast and lunch in this busy life.

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Sojja is a delicious breakfast recipe which is cooked with rice and moong dal with side dish as mix of red chillies powder and onions.

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Capsicum rice recipe can be prepare as easy lunch box recipe. Know easy steps of cooking capsicum basmati rice and peanut pulses powder.

Capsicum rice recipe, How to make Capsicum food recipe

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Know the preparation of curd rice a healthy recipe which reduce the heat in your body

Curd rice, Thayir Saadam, Pergu annam South Indian Style

Steps to prepare Curd rice or Thayir saadam, Daddojanam south India healthy recipe. Taste with avakaya (mango pickle). Curd, rice, urad dal, gram dal, milk.

Curd rice, Thayir Saadam, Pergu annam South Indian Style