The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles: Steven Pressfield, Shawn Coyne: This book is short and AMAZING. I loved it and I would recommend it to any artist that got bogged down with the artist way.

Read anything from him

Elmore Leonard's archives go to University of South Carolina - The Collector's Guide To Dean Koontz

'Wiseman is a brilliant name for a psychologist, and this book proves he is not misnamed. All the self help tips here are backed by scientific studies, and take less than a minute to implement... contains dozens of fascinating nuggets. Is the thought of Christmas stressing you out? Then go online and spend a minute watching a video of a cute animal...' -- Independent on Sunday Paperbacks of the Year

59 Seconds: Think a little, change a lot. A self help book from the great anti-self help guru Professor Richard Wiseman that is actually very wise and has ended up in the self-help sections of bookshops.

You Got Nothing Coming takes us into a corrupt world powered by violence, drugs, rape, fear and racial hatred. With brash, dark humour Jimmy Lerner tells us how the techniques learnt in management seminars have helped him survive in this hostile environment, and how a lethal act of self-defence landed him in this circle of American prison hell in the first place. Bracingly cynical and perceptive, this terrifying story is all truth.

At one time Lerner worked at Pacific Bell Telephone and sat near Scott Adams, the creator of "Dilbert." Graphic, funny, well-written and impossible to put down.

Definitive portrait of the greatest innovator of his generation.

This is Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. This is an interesting look into the life of Steve Jobs and is an excellent read. Anyone interested in the history of great influences on technology should read this book. Jobs was a great businessman.

Humans of New York

Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton. In the summer of photographer Brandon Stanton set out on an ambitious project: to single-handedly create a photographic census of New York City.

What if facing the flinch is the one best way to get what you want?

The Flinch by Julien Smith - This book is a simple message about how you can take back the reigns that control your future! Smith shares tips about the benefits of managing your fears and consciously resisting what I now recognize as "the flinch"!

Esp. the thinking tools

the thinking tools

Hardcore entrepreneurs, small-business owners, people stuck in day jobs who want to get out, and artists who don't want to starve anymore will all find valuable inspiration and guidance in these pages.

Fishpond Australia, ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever by David Heinemeier Hansson Jason Fried. Buy Books online: ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever, ISBN David Heinemeier Hansson Jason Fried

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