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ClicTest is a fast emerging product-enabled Independent Software Testing Services Company. ClicTest has a proven track record in helping enterprises of all sizes to get their mission-critical software applications tested while cutting costs by up to 40% and reducing test times by over 20%. Many enterprises use ClicTest solutions to do quicker, reliable, and efficient testing for greater productivity and accelerate their product time to delivery.
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Independent Software Testing vendors engage a pool of talented testers who have deeper expertise in the relevant project, identify right tools for the project and adheres to deadlines.

1 | Print | Test automation is the Silver Bullet, because it is a killer solution for the testing teams to reduce testing cycle time, reap higher productivity, drive greater predictability which in turn allows a firm to accelerate product time to market. It helps a testing team to maximize the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of software testing and to focus on quality. Whereas, manual testing requires a lot of time and effort.


Importance of Shift-Left Testing Why incorporating testing earlier and earlier in the development process is beneficial to improving software quality. Read ClicTest latest article featured in DZone.

Read ClicTest latest article featured in Smart Tech Today - Why Testing is Important for e-Commerce Applications?

Today, e-Commerce is one of those industries that are growing very fast. It is driving people to move from traditional way of purchasing products to online stores/e-Commerce applications to purchase preferred products anytime from anywhere.

In every phase of software development there will be some sort of ‪‎testing‬ methodology followed by every organization to test its products. This methodology will somehow lead to some kind of distraction between the developing team and the testing team.


Importance of predictive analytics in software testing. Read more:

Download free white paper of ‪Predictive Analytics‬ in Software Testing help businesses reduce operational risks and make proactive decisions.

Many businesses are not aware of the reality that an application needs to undergo End-to-End testing to perform flawlessly in the real time. Learn how to choose a right Software Testing vendor‬.


Developing Mobile Apps: How to improve your Mobile App Speed and Quality with Continuous Delivery. Mobile app development is significantly different now when compared to the way it was done some time ago.

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