agender, gay & mentally ill || they / them
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His friend watched as he got worse and worse. The aggression leaked into their arguments and every time he touched him he seemed smaller. For a moment, he wondered if someone could die without their heart stopping.

“These words hold no power over you.” - Milena Bonilla “Think about all the hours forgotten plays were rehearsed.

well that's depressing. Kale: no. Alex will freak out if my knee even touches theirs when they're awake. Kale: but when they sleep and we're on the same bed they end up cuddling me and it iS SO DAMN CUTE AHHHHH

"The Boy who was a Grand Duke is no longer human. The Boy grew up and became a vampire. The man now is a blood addict that has no way of stopping"

By “disappointment only” neon by artist Alejandro Diaz