Our New Project Center

We have just bought 8ha of land in the Cuero Valley on the edge of Pico Bonito National Park. The land will house a Tree Nursery, an Inga Seed Bank and Alley Cropping Demonstration Plots - essentail for convincing local farmers to make the all important switch from destructive slash and burn farming to sustainable agriculture using Inga.
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These seedlings are now ready to be transported to waiting local families. With these, families will be able to create their own Inga alley plots, ensuring they will never have to go back to burning the rainforest just to survive.

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Completely covered by grass less than a year ago, our new Project Center is now a sea of rapidly growing Inga trees.

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Part of the plan for our Project Center has always been a permanent tree nursery - and now here it is! Already it contains around 45,000 rainforest tree seedlings, alongside thousands of Inga seedlings plus pepper, cacao, vanilla and more. And its still only half full!

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Our Director, Mike Hands, checking up on the first Inga trees that Issy planted at our new Project Center back in July. Just a few months down the line, and these, along with all the rest of the seedlings on site, have put on a really impressive amount of growth.

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Mapping out an area of Inga alleys that we will use to grow organic pepper. As well as serving as a demonstration plot, we are also hoping through selling the pepper the Project Center will be able to be financially self sufficient.

A job well done - the tree nursery is now nearly emptied of the thousands of Inga seedlings it held just a few weeks ago as they have all been planted out to form our Demo Plots and Seed Bank.

Preparing another 1000 bags of soil for the tree nursery so we can plant our Inga seed we have ready to go.

You can barely see the Inga seedlings planted here amongst the grass, but in less than 2 years time this view will have transformed and instead all you'll be able to see will be the trees.

We've finally started to have some luck in our search for Inga seed and our tree nursery is full with several thousand seedlings once again.

Daniel and Luis assessing the progress of our newly planted Demonstration Alley Plot.

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