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an arch in the middle of a room next to a table and bar stools
Inside a Stripped-Back Restaurant in Port Willunga, Australia
a man sitting at a bar in an office
Gallery of Tsingtao 1903 Taproom / MINOR lab - 24
the interior of a building with metal panels and glass dividers on both sides,
首发丨DAS Lab · 跨界无限,一场再生逻辑的商业试验
首发丨DAS Lab · 跨界无限,一场再生逻辑的商业试验
a man standing in front of a counter with some eggs on it and an object hanging from the wall behind him
INTERIORS CHINA | 大麦设计 x 阿式铜锣烧:以退为进
an empty restaurant with black walls and wooden tables
Origami | VSHD Design — Oculis Project
Origami | VSHD Design — Oculis Project
a modern kitchen with white cabinets and black counter tops, along with potted plants
Gallery of St Martins Cafe by Laritt-Evans / The Local Project
a black chair sitting next to a metal shelf
A Modern Classic – CicciaBella by Fiona Lynch - Project Feature - The Local Project - The Local Project
A Modern Classic – CicciaBella by Fiona Lynch - Project Feature - The Local Project - The Local Project
a wall made out of wooden sticks with numbers on them and words written in black
Architects Design an Artisan Bakery Wrapped in an Alluring Warmth in Melbourne
A Lasting Visual Impact – Kudo by kitayama k architects • Hidden within the beloved Hotel Windsor sits Kudo, a gluten-free artisan bakery that celebrates both the time-honoured craft of baking and sensitive design insertions. Within this diminutive yet striking space, kitayama k architects uses timber to soften the existing space and incite dynamic movement. #bakeshop #interiordesign #bakery #storedesign #architecture #storeinterior #timbercladding #commercialarchitecture #bread #baking
the food is being cooked on the grill in the restaurant's open air kitchen
two tables and chairs in a room with black tiles on the wall, one has a light fixture hanging from it's ceiling
Eat Drink Design Awards 2018
a room filled with wooden shelves covered in books
Blending deliciously kitsch retro design with a cool contemporary touch, Dimes is a new name for a new age of cannabis consumption...
two empty wine glasses sitting on top of a wooden table in front of a bookshelf
Architects Design a Charming Pizzeria in Brunswick East, Australia