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Felt images with Velcro on canvas. Easy for babe/toddler to hold and touch or point to while book is being read. As child grows then you can use the loose felt images as a matching game. Teaches colours, names, numbers, grouping, sorting.


The purple dinosaur - inspired by cutting little bites website.

Amelia's recipe book. We ripped up magazines together. I Then I cut them into smaller images. Used round clear stickers to attach to paper as it was easy for her little fingers to manipulate. Grouped the item on different pages. She uses the book in role playing.

Felt shapes and coloured pegs. Help identify colours and shapes. Enables sorting and co-ordination. (Charlee's bday present)

Button snake (Idea from Pinterest). So easy, just cut out felt squares. ( Charlee's bday present)

Glitter car (pva glue, glitter, let dry and then hairspray) with puzzle race track. Pop it in a small pencil case and then easily portable. (Charlee's bday present)

Wall protector for breakfast table. The flaps ( old baby wipe lids) hold pictures of topics that are current for us, eg a plane ride to go on holiday. The chalk board has different greeting etc on it so 'little miss' can recognise words and letters.