Watch this video to see how color psychology can help you decide on colors for your brand :) colors can convey different appeals, therefore it is important to pick the right mix of colors to give off the desired effect.

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Watch this video to see what "Cross selling" is about. A successful example of cross selling in practice is also detailed here :)

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An interesting video on the importance of "Competitor Analysis" with a simple analogy from The Godfather to explain it. You can also pick up certain ideas for your business here :)

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Queen Elizabeth celebrated her Diamond jubilee with great pomp & show. Apart from the festivities, there is an important PR lesson in here. Watch this video to find out!

Heard of Guerrilla marketing? Watch this video to see it explained with stellar example!

This comparison of Telemarketing and theater occurred to us during a call with a prospect :)

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Heard of USP but not sure what it is? This video explains the importance of USP with an interesting example :)

Probably the greatest marketing disaster till date- The Hoover flights fiasco. Learn what NOT to in marketing through this video.

Heard of the importance of a Call-to-Action button? Watch this video to see popular call to action buttons and also learn what makes them tick :)

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