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Crufts Image Collection

Pieces available from INUTI Designer Jewellery, modelled on our best friends in an homage to Crufts.
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A little Dragonling Pendant modelled by our gorgeous Collie dog.

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Our gorgeous Basset Hound is looking her best in a sterling silver chain by Swedish designer Efva Attling. LIKE our facebook page to see more from our lovely puppies.

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A supreme escape artist and energetic outdoor type - This compass inspired pendant by Cai is the perfect choice for our gorgeous husky pup.

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Our Boxer proudly shows off his Baldessarini Herringbone pendant.

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Weimaraners were traditionally used by royalty for hunting large game such as deer, boar and even bear. This powerful and intelligent action dog looks great in his dog-tag by Cai.

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Our adorable Chihuahua is so tiny that she fits perfectly into the Story bracelets by Kranz & Ziegler. LIKE our facebook page to see more of our images

This lovely Alsatian puppy is sporting the classic Continuity necklace by Georg Jensen

Our beautiful Galgo Spanish Greyhound loves her Silvertide pendant. We love the way she daintily crosses her feet.

Bulldogs are famed for their "no worries" attitude, but our model looks pretty tough in his sterling silver cross from the Ixion Collection.

Nomination bracelets are made by attaching individual links together - so they will fit any size wrist...or in our Jack Russel's case neck size.