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Believe It or Not!

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Some things will mesmerize you and others might just spook you out. Check out our 'believe it or not' collection!

Smallest lock in the world!! Mr. Ganesh Subramaniyam from Thiruvananthapuram Kerala, India, made a smallest gold code lock with a height of 3 mm, a circumference of 1 cm, and a weight of 41 mg. The code lock contains 3 lines of code number from 0 to 9. It sets the world record granted by the world Record Association for being the smallest gold code lock in the world.

"Magical 9" Contest - Guess the names of sweets to win exciting prizes..

The dream of the previous generations was to pay off a mortgage. The fantasy of today’s young folks is to get one!

Happy Guessing! Q .Who is the Head of the Commonwealth? a) Queen Elizabeth II b) David Grevemberg