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an image of different types of bats in the air with labels below and description of their wings
Bones of the Head - Atlas of Anatomy
Sphenoid bone
an image of a child's face and the caption below it says, congregated right tracheal neve plays with compensatory left head lift
Trochlear N. / Superior Oblique palsy - Head tilt towards opposite side ... Lateral rectus / 6th N. palsy or Superior rectus palsy - Head tilt towards the same side
a piece of paper with some type of writing on the top and bottom half of it
Bronchopulmonary segments most commonly involves ... #Aspiration (*) L2AB
a piece of paper that has some type of writing on it with pink marker marks
Sphincter of Oddi has three sets of Sphincter ...
a piece of paper with some type of writing in green and orange ink on it
Ligaments of the Body ... (F.R)
a piece of paper with writing on it and some words written in different languages around the edges
Tear film has 3 layers & Outermost layer of "Lipid" is secreted by Meibomian, Zeis & Moll gland ...
an image of some type of text that is very colorful and has black letters on it
Shape of Caecum in Infant is Conical ...
an image of a website page with the words sniff test on it
Sniff test or Diaphgram Fluoroscopy for testing of Motor function of Phrenic Nerve ...
diagram of the human stomach and its functions
Relationship of Prostate - Anteriorly: Cave of Retizus ... Posteriorly: Fascia of Denovilliers ...
the inside of a human body with labels on it and labeled in red, white and blue
Interior of Bladder ... #Trigone 【 Note: Trigone is lined by Transitional epithelium, Ureter opens at lower lateral angle, "Internal urethral orifice at Apex" 】
an image of the anatomy of the neck and pel girdle with labels
Pudendal nerve ... Note: Behind Sacrospinous ligament & In relation with Ischial Tuberosity ... #Alcocks canal 【 Note: Pudendal nerve passes through both Greater & Lesser sciatic foramen 】
the muscles and tendors of the lower limb are labeled in red, while the upper limb is labeled in white
Arcade of Frohse, sometimes called the supinator arch, is the most superior part of the superficial layer of the supinator muscle, and is a fibrous arch over the posterior interosseous nerve. The arcade of Frohse is a site of radial nerve / PIN entrapment, and is believed to play a role in causing progressive paralysis of the posterior interosseous nerve, both with and without injury. Sensory loss will not present because " PIN is purely motor ".
the external view of an ovarian fossa, with labels on it
Relations Ovarian Fossa ... #iliac #Ureter #Obturator 【 Note: Broad ligament of uterus & NOT round ligament of uterus 】 ( Uterus runs Posteriorly )