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some information about children and adults
HIE / HII in term and older children
some information about the health benefits of h i n preterm in infants and young children
Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy or Injury ... HIE / HII in preterm neonates
four different views of the human brain, each with red areas on their left and right sides
Common sites of contusion
an ice cream cone with nuts in it next to the image of a dog's head
Ice Cream cone sign CT showing Middle ear ossicular chain
an mri scan shows the different areas of the brain and what they are doing to them
Medial and Lateral pterygoid on CT
an image of the brain with labels on it
Brain Cisterns
an mri image shows the location of the left and right side of the human brain
(*) CLT Caudate nucleus Lentiform nucleus and Thalamus with Internal capsule at the level of Trigone of lateral ventricle and calcified choroid plexus