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many different types of lamps are shown together
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there are many colorful bowls and plates on the wooden table with utensils in them
a lamp made out of wooden sticks and white lights
Organic lamp inspired by the Chinese money plant uses frosted leaves to diffuse and scatter light - Yanko Design
two pillow cases with blue and green tropical print on the covers, one has red birds
Little Cabari | Jazz Duvet Cover, Night, (Size Full) | Maisonette
The jazz collection is Little Cabari's iconic pattern. A cheerful and colorful bed adornment that the romantic little ones will love! With loads of color, this print is perfect to add a touch of color to the bedroom. Please note this duvet cover fits a full bed with measurements: 55" x 79" | Little Cabari | Jazz Duvet Cover, Night, (Size Full) | Maisonette collects the best children’s products from around the world (unlike Zulily, Etsy, The Tot, Farfetch Kids, Childrensalon, Crate and Kids, Kohl