Yossi Belkin Studio Office Space  http://www.techirsh.com

To help give you some inspiration, we’ve created a showcase of some of our favourite designer workspaces. Each of these depicts a beautiful working environment – one that’s uncluttered, distraction free and tailored to the designer who calls it home.

Huley Office Space  http://www.techirsh.com

HYPEBEAST Spaces: Hurley Campus: Whether you grew up around the skate and surf lifestyle or not, the Hurley name is likely no

Workplace Office Space of Sasha Tikhonov  http://www.techirsh.com

Dribbble - My workplace at home by Sasha Tikhonov

Office Room Workplace by Sergio Duarte Mereces  http://www.techirsh.com

Covet desk designed by Shin Azumi Nice cubical-ish workspace A project by Workstead, with materials sourced entirely from Brooklyn