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Vaishali Singh

So, there is this girl called Vaishali Singh. She is crazy and fun to be with. She's a bundle of joy and spreads smiles anywhere and everywhere she goes. Vaishali belongs to a small part of the big state i.e. Uttar Pradesh, called Azamgarh. Academically, She has done her Bachelors Of Technology in Electronics & Communication, Delhi and Masters of Engineering in Wireless Communications, Manipal. Apparently, she has spent the best academic year of her life in Manipal, the party town of South… Shubhangi Bhatia

Shubhangi Bhatia

Shubhangi is an English Literature graduate and is currently pursuing her Masters in Mass Communication. She likes to think of herself as a thinker. A bit of a dreamer. But she likes to be an avid doer. She yearns to travel, to see the world and change it, maybe. She adores the quirky play of words and wishes to explore new horizons with them. She likes to pen down her stories and experiences and loves reading books because it gives her an opportunity to escape into the lives of the… Bloggers for FinTech Start-Ups

Bloggers for FinTech Start-Ups Bloggers for FinTech Start-Ups We are Looking for Female Bloggers who can Write Contants for Online Blog based Finance Business Start Up with us and explore new Domain for growth. All our FinTech Start-Ups are Low Cost, No Frill, Win-Win and very Different FinTech Start-Ups. Services : Forex Credit Card Personal Loan Home Loan Bank Education Loan Wallet Car Loan Accounts Deposits Fixed Deposit Mutual Fund Interested… Manasi Jaggi

Manasi Jaggi

Manasi Jaggi Facebook : Linkedin : Twitter : - This is Manasi. Born and brought up in the steel city of Bhilai, she completed her schooling from Delhi Public School, Bhilai. She pursued her Bachelor’s of Engineering from Rungta College, Bhilai in computer Science. Currently, she is working as an Associate Software Engineer at Kony India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad. On a personal front, Manasi is extremely fun… Nishita Arora

Nishita Arora

NISHITA ARORA is a start-up writer, two years have worked with ROTARACT CLUB OF MCM DAV COLLEGE (District -3080) .Currently studing in MCM DAV COLLEGE ,Chandigarh -B.A hons POLITICAL SCIENCE . Have been the EXECUTIVE HEAD OF ROTARACT CLUB for Two years . started working at STORY CREATORS from October 1 ,2017 .Its a six months internship .The project Working on for now - RIGHT TO PRIVACY ACT IN INDIA . Following are the details asked for : NAME - NISHITA ARORA FACEBOOK… Female Co Founders and CMO

Female Co Founders and CMO Finally it's time to expand our operations and now we are looking for a Female Person, Co Founders and CMO who can handle the pressure along with the obvious benefits Who are we? We are a Group of many Tech Start-ups from #Indore and #Bhopal with 60+ strong team members without a Single Office All Work From Home Concept. That too without funding, i.e we bootstrapped it completely ! What we expect from Co Founders ? A Co Founders who can provide Sound Technical Leadership… Naga Madhavi Best Careers, T Shirts For Women, Asia, Image, 12 Days, Tops, Fashion, Moda, Shell Tops

Naga Madhavi

Here you go,She is Naga Madhavi who has graduated from National Institute of Technology,Raipur a well known institute in Central India.This makes her a graduated engineer but her passion is something different .She wants to explore and travel around the world and create memories and experiences so that she could cherish for her life time which is quite unusual for her ambitious age.Well she thinks one need to have a sense of humour as well as a quick escape from reality in order to find… Aishwarya Awasthi Outdoor Furniture, Outdoor Decor, Hammock, Image, Asia, Home Decor, Garden Furniture Outlet, Room Decor, Hammocks

Aishwarya Awasthi

Name : Aishwarya Awasthi Whatsapp number : 9454577728 Facebook: Linkedin: email: Satavisha Chakraborty Best Careers, New Start, Central Asia, Blogging For Beginners, Social Media, Tours, India, Female, Travel

Satavisha Chakraborty

Satavisha is a first-year student of J.D.Birla Institute, Department of Management pursuing BBA, who will be stepping into her last teenage year this November. She is a happy go lucky person and is from the City of Joy- Kolkata. Satavisha was born with wanderlust, she feels alive when she travels. She is motivated and ambitious. Satavisha has got really big dreams for herself and she promised herself that no matter what, she will fulfill them. She sees herself living in New York City or… Tanya Mishra Successful Women, Bell Sleeve Top, India, Portrait, Blouse, Image, Entrepreneur, Tops, Woman

Tanya Mishra

Tanya Mishra is a 20 years old girl who believes that “Travel , before you ran out of time”. She is a student of 3rd Year pursuing Journalism And Mass Communication from Banasthali Vidhyapith , Jaipur . She has a grounding of working in IPRD (Information and Public Relation Department), Ranchi(Jharkhand) for 2 months. She lifts herself up, be her own best friend and sometimes her own fan.She has a fervor for photography. According to her, “Photography is the only language that can be… Akkumahanthi Sowmya India, Suits, Image, Style, Fashion, Swag, Moda, Goa India, Stylus

Akkumahanthi Sowmya

AKKUMAHANTHI SOWMYA. She is a kind of person who is to be judged by her performance and who expects reward based on her efforts she is from the city of pearls -HYDERABAD and is currently pursuing her BBA ( bachelors of business administration) from one of the top10, reputed colleges of Hyderabad -BHAVANS Being a person to who would choose to control the situation rather than creating a situation to control the present proved her as one of the best leaders who lead the basketball team and is… Priyanka Kumbhar Career, Blog, Image, Tops, Travel, Women, Fashion, Moda, Carrera

Priyanka Kumbhar

Priyanka Kumbhar Meet Priyanka Kumbhar She is working towards earning her degree in Computer Engineering with a hope of getting a job after completing her Degree. During School years she had written articles for her school Name :Priyanka Kumbhar Facebook :priyanka.kumbhar.50999 Linkedin :Priyanka Kumbhar

Co-Founders for FinTech Start-Ups

Co-Founders for FinTech Start-Ups

Co-Founders for FinTech Start-Ups We are Looking for Female Finance Experts who wants to Own their Own Online Blog based Finance Business Start Up with us and explore new Domain for growth. All our FinTech Start-Ups are Low Cost, No Frill, Win-Win and very Different FinTech Start-Ups. Investment : Min INR 10,000 to Max INR 10,000,00 Only Minimum ROI : Min INR 5,000 to Max INR 5,000,00 Only [ Per Month ] Services : Forex Credit Card Personal Loan Home Loan Bank Education Loan Wallet Car Loan… Samruddhi Sunil More Blouse, Image, Tops, Women, Fashion, Moda, Blouses, Shell Tops, Fasion

Samruddhi Sunil More

Born and brought up in Pune. She went to Symbiosis Secondary School, and after that, She changed her colleges quite a few times. No college deemed to be good enough. She never really fit in to groups. She always stick out like a sore thumb. Reading and writing were my only escapes in her rather misfit Life. Currently pursuing Bachelors in Arts (Psychology), She dream of becoming a Writer and a Psychologist to help out those like me to embrace weirdness and overcome their Anxieties ! Name… Zeba Kausar, Blazer, Image, Asia, Women, Fashion, Moda, Fasion, Sports Jacket, Fashion Illustrations


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Nirupam Gehlot

She is Nirupam Gehlot, born and brought up in Delhi and is a very interesting person in her own way. She is currently pursuing her fifth year of Law School from Jindal Global Law School. Being a young student, Nirupam has discovered a passion for research and writing. She has completed a summer programme on Human Rights and Development at Harvard University. Apart from experience of thorough research in subjects of law, she likes to read articles and blogs on philosophy and life; and likes…