101 ways to get disowned

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a poster with instructions on how to use an apple as a teacher's answer
I don't speak maybe i will share my day with my very often parents Never again - iFunny
two giraffes are talking to each other in front of a rock wall
This is just sad
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*Moonwalks outta there* - Funny
dad jokes what starts with an o'and ends with unicorns and sometimes make you cry
a man holding up a piece of paper in front of his face with the words i'm a program and my only two friends date each other do your worst
37 Comebacks & Burns We'd Be Proud To Think Of
Laughing So Hard, Funny Insults
30 Morons Who Got Shut Down and Brutally Eviscerated Online
a sheep with its eyes closed and the caption says, when you use one big to get out of going to another but in actually you're staying home alone
I'm Pretty Sure Goats Are Just Evil
two tweets with different facial expressions on them, one is saying glasses are so unattractive we just try to see damn
22 Savage AF Memes to Share with Someone You Love Deeply
an image of someones hand and the caption that says, apply cold water to burned area
a man holding a cell phone next to a yellow piece of paper
Picture memes NflYgTMr6: 2 comments — iFunny