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a tripod with a camera on it and a light attached to the top of it
Isomars Metal Easel - Professional
Isomars Metal Easel - Professional is a portable tripod stand for Painting Canvases and Board. Has adjustable height(upto 60''). Lightweight Body Which is Easy to Carry and Set Up. Perfect for Outdoor Painting for Landscapes, Gardens Etc. www.isomars.net , www.isomarsshop.in
a wooden easel with the word komars on it's side and two legs
Isomars Wooden Easel
Isomars Wooden Easel Table Model is lightweight specially designed for easy traveling . It is easy to use and carry .It holds Canvases upto 30cm (12") in height Easel can be folded to a convenient size for carrying. Colour - Natural Wood Ideal for creating small-scale paintings or for displaying finished artwork,moreover it is great for artists and students who enjoy drawing and painting outdoors and in the studio. www.isomars.net ; www.isomarsshop.in