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This is straight out of bollywood's potboilers. This pair of sisters each grew up with the same dream: to be very famous AND very rich AND a very big bollywood heroine. It began as a sisterly bond with one pledging support for the other as she was in any case the far bigger star.

Richa Lakhera tells a tale of fiercely competitive TV journalists whose lives get entwined with Bollywood superstars and Item girls! This time she came up with a story of an item girl and how she cope up with the tough situation. This book is packed with murder mystry and full of twists. Soon it will be available in the market. So stay updated with Richa Lahera blog and get all latest information about Bollywood.

This talented actor is really a nice, rather quiet and shy guy when he is sober. That is probably the general impression you have of him… and you’d be right, too. When he’s not sober, though, he turns into a real asshole.

These two young desperately wanting to be famous actors really be dating? Why is he doing this? How long is this going to continue? Could this be the real thing? Well, an insider spilled the beans.

In her latest book, Richa Lakhera reveals the Item Girl, Sunny who is accused of brutally murdering her manager KD. An easy case that keeps getting complicated the more it is investigated by ACP Kabir Bhonsle, whose very first hurdle is to get the truth out of the three witness item girls.

Watch latest interview with Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha together, talking about their chemistry in upcoming movie R Raj Kumar. Well Shahid is pretty confident about the movie. Must watch interview taken by Richa Lakhera.

Yes, karma has come full circle, and he is getting the boot from the coveted banner. Although he does have a contract that runs through for the next two films, producers singed by his string of films which are proving to be deader than last year’s turkey are now getting their ducks in a row to push him out. The word is out that the producers will be offering the star money to walk away before his contract expires.

Mr. Star used to think that he was oh-so-critical to the success of his films. They couldn’t possibly succeed without him! He demanded top money, slept with practically every attractive female who wanted to be part of the film, and flexed his power by telling producers to fire anyone from the crew who he didn’t think was up to his exacting standards.

They started as a couple till success hit them hard, one more than the other.The obvious happened. Now that one of them is itching to move on the lady in question threw a massive fit and is refusing to let go of him. What does she have on him to hold him?

If you love to remain in touch of Bollywood even when you are reading a book, you must not miss the latest publication by the famous author Richa Lakhera, Item Girl, the murder mystery that depicts the inner story of the industry behind the glamour and glitz.

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