Vintage Street Style Pictures - Trend Inspiration Looking off into the distance thoughtfully (and mod outfits) have been street style musts for decades.

The Mod Style as evinced by The Who (L to R Keith Moon, Roger Daltry, John Entwhistle, Peter Townshend)

Stamford Hill mods in 1962 with Mark Feld (Marc Bolan) to front

Paul Weller and Miles Kane's fashion collaboration! British musicians Paul Weller and Miles Kane turn partners in crime and lend their Mod aesthetic to designer John Varvatos's new campaign.

Michael Caine visits Urlwin Street, Camberwell, where he once lived. ~ (Photographed for the 1969 ITV documentary ‘Candid Caine’)

All the action from the second round of menswear shows as they happen. Today: no sign of Romeo Beckham but David Cameron puts himself up for laughs.