Pictures That Possibly Contain Mirrors!

Is that a mirror? I can't tell!
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an arch in the middle of a building with red and white stripes on it's walls
La Mezquita, Cordoba Spain
La Mezquita, Cordoba Spain by PM Kelly
looking up at the ceiling of a cathedral
Medieval Paris Before Baron Haussmann's Transformation
the inside of an ornate building with stained glass windows and arches on each side,
3D & Animation online courses for creative professionals | Domestika
gothic conservatory by Adale Rene | 3D | CGSociety
the interior of a cathedral with vaulted ceilings
15 of the Most Beautiful Church Ceilings From Around the World
Most Beautiful Church Ceilings Photos | Architectural Digest
the interior of a cathedral with vaulted ceilings
this is an old painting of a cathedral
Interior of the Cathedral of Amiens, 1842
Poster © 2020 McGaw Graphics, Inc. About the ArtistJules Victor Génisson was a Belgian painter known for his architectural painting. Born in 1805 in Saint-Omer, in Northern France, he studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp under Mattheus Ignatius van Bree. He traveled extensively throughout Western Europe, painting large sized church interiors.