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Tigers will go extinct in the wild, doubtful they'll last much longer in captivity due to the massive inbreeding due to so few remaining...

The Threat to Wild Tigers, Evgeniya Righini-brand & Elena Medvedeva, Russian Federation. I can't wait till Mother Nature shows the humanrace what she's made of. Keep killing her animals &she will kill us.

Crowley Magic PAINTINGS - Bing Images

thephysicalisanillusion: “ The Rose Cross of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn ”

Does it get more metal than hanging out in a baseball dugout? #Mayhem

Mayhem Today is Black Friday, so we thought we’d celebrate the best way we knew how—by listing our top 10 black metal bands of all time. Cue the horns: \m/ Darkthrone Satyricon Burzum Dimmu Borgir Emperor Enslaved Ulver Arcturus Immortal Related