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I Love Someone with Depression | life depressed depression sad suicidal suicide quotes alone ask crying

"You asked me how depression felt, and this is all I could come up with. It feels like I’m walking upstream Through a current strong enough To pull me under four times over.

poems about our society - Google Search

Roses aren't always red & violets aren't exactly blue, the society we live in never seems to speak the truth. Smiles aren't always happy & frowns aren't always upset, people judge too quickly & our feelings are what they forget.

A brilliant combination of flowers and thread by Cinder & Honey. #etsy #embroidery

Vancouver-based artist Caitlin Benson (of Cinder & Honey) embroiders vintage-inspired flowers that will last a lifetime. Before reaching for her embroidery hoop

Embroidered hoop art by Tusk and Cardinal

While many embroiderers stitch on light-colored fabrics, Tusk and Cardinal shows that black fabric sets the stage for spectacular hoop art.

Coffee Embroidery Hand Embroidery Coffee artwork by ThreadTheWick More

Inspirational & Tender Embroidered Illustrations Delaware-based embroidery artist Chelsea from Thread The Wick composes traditional and lovely handmade designs inspired by nature flowers and beautiful quotes. Made in traditional hoop art fashion each piec