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Bhai Bachittar Singh

Art of Punjab - Sikh Paintings

Original Painting of Guru Nanak Dev ji

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A rare and antique print of the Sikh Gurus



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Gods army.

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The mighty mighty Sikh warriors

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Baba Deep Singh Ji is one of the greatest examples of how a Saint Soldier should lead their lives. He epitomised every aspect of being a Saint Soldier, and today due to his actions and conduct he is rightly remembered as one of the most honoured martyrs in Sikh history. He was a GurSikh who fought the enemy even with a severed head. Those images amazed me as a youngster, and i'm sure the youth of today still look upto heroes such as Baba Deep Singh Ji

Mr. Singh: Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed - Birthday

the sikh gurus

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Guru Nanak and His Companions (blue tonal sketch) This painting was inspired by a map that I saw showing Guru Nanak Dev Ji's travels across India and deep into Eurasia. It would be an astounding feat in any time, but more so in the war torn and turbulent 15 Century. The painting contemplates the loneliness of the vast physical distances he traveled and the greater spiritual boundaries he crossed in his life time.

The Travels Of Guru Nanak | Sikh Archives

01-Baba Banda Singh Ji Bahadur tortured by Manvir_Singh_, via Flickr

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