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Jacinda Oke
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Inspirational selection of #amazing #technology.

I discovered this iRoller: A liquid-free, reusable pocket sized touch screen cleaner for iPhones, iPads, and all mini touchscreen display devices. : Touch Screen Tablet Computer Accessories : Computers & Accessories on Keep. View it now.

#Pros and #Cons shown clearly between, #IOS and #Android.

Which team are you, Team Android or Team iPhone? I'm an Android user myself, but each one has their perks and pitfalls. Comment/pin with which Team you are and why!

developing #wireless #headphones

The evolution of technology is amazing. So many of these gadgets are great to take while travelling light. ___________________________ The Dash Headphones. FINALLY somebody is developing wireless headphones. I've been waiting for these for a while!

#Smartwatch support iOS and #android

wanmei feng Vbest tech is raising funds for FlyShark Smartwatch - Everything at the Touch of Your Wrist on Kickstarter! FlyShark Smartwatch: The finest technology at the touch of your wrist, never miss a call, text, and so much more!

2-Way #Satellite communicator for Apple iOS and Android

DeLorme inReach Satellite Communicator for Apple iOS and Android We used this communicator exclusively for our remote hunting trips for 2012 and it worked amazing!