Kal ho na ho.. my all time favorite movie.. ♥♥ -y

Kal ho na ho - hands down my all time favourite movie! <<< this person is sadistic.

Twitter / somayesrkajol: @Omg SRK & #kajol I love ...

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Kajol and Shahrukh Khan in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

On seating arrangements.

20 Pictures That Will Hit Too Close To Home If You're Punjabi

For many people, the idea of learning a foreign language is both exciting and intimidating, especially if the thought brings back memories of learning a second

This shit pisses everyone off

Hhhhhhhhh for me, i try to remember that they are my parents"MARAM they are your parents , support them 😡😠,PLZ.

Preity Zinta in Veer Zaara

Preity Zinta plays a Pakistani Muslim bride in the film Veer Zara. Preity who origanally was a Hindu has accepted Islam. It shows that Islam is born to expand not to die.

Wow #SRK #Shahrukh #Bollywood

Shah Rukh Khan also known as SRK, is an Indian actor, producer, television personality and philanthropist.