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Wistfully Country

“May your character not be a writing upon the sand, but an inscription upon the rock!” ~ Charles Spurgeon

The American Flag.think about the freedom it represents, the fallen lives it has waved for, and the liberties we still need to defend


This flag was draped over the grave of a Civil War soldier that was in the middle of the woods in Estill County, KY. There's really no telling how long it had been hanging there, but it must have been a while. It was almost petrified.

Proud to be an American and honored to know what this flag stands for.freedom, bravery, hope and the belief that all men are created equal! I Love America, God Bless America, American Pride, American Flag, In The Midnight Hour, A Lovely Journey, Church Windows, Star Spangled Banner, Sea To Shining Sea

Old Glory and the Church Window

Old Glory by Phil Stacey In the midnight hour I see her waving proudly thru the night. The stars and stripes she bares are a glorious sit. They represent all the heros who couldn't stand to see her fall. They represent this great nation and remind us all. Chorus There is still a land of freedom and a home for the brave. A nation under God where justice reigns. There's a country united however different we may be. We can walk a littler taller when we see…

“And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave, o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!” ~ the Star Spangled Banner


lylaandblu: “ Vintage Weathered American Flag found in our shop! ”

Thank you and may GOD bless our American Veterans on Memorial Day I Love America, God Bless America, Independance Day, Star Spangled Banner, Let Freedom Ring, Old Glory, American Pride, Before Us, First Nations


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Old Glory; The Stars and Stripes; The American Flag.whatever you call her, to "We, the People" she's much more than a Red, White & Blue Cloth with a field of White Stars. Remember your Pledge of Allegiance? I Love America, God Bless America, Happy Fourth Of July, 4th Of July, September 11, Labor Day, Doodle, Independance Day, My Champion

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