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A close up drawing of a dead flower, using less hairspray this time.


Experimenting with drawing straight onto a wet page and I like the effect I got here so I shall continue both methods of drawing while drawing these flowers.


In this drawing the hairspray went through the page and created this really interesting pattern which I feel contrasts the simple drawing.

Using the ink that bled through again as inspiration and a backing for a simple line drawing

A drawing of a shrivelled up leaf, I really like the marks I achieved here and I think the heavy bleed works well with the drawing.

Using the ink that went through the page I used as inspiration and went for a more simple line drawing of the rose.

A more complex drawing of a dead rose, I left my book leaning up against the wall to let the ink bleed down like rain.

An experiment where I used little hairspray but due to the hairspray coming through the page on the other side it created this effect that I really like giving the drawings especially the top one a bit of atmosphere.