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Artist Gwon Osang forms hundreds of photographs around mannequins to create bizarre three-dimensional photo sculptures.

osang gwon - Google Search

osang gwon - Google Search

Gwon Osang

Korean artist Gwon Osang photographs his subjects part by part, and plasters the printed photographs onto styrofoam mannequins to create.

Sang Gwon   artist profile born1974 lives  works Seoul, South Korea

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Photography Sculptures by Gwon Osang

Photography Sculptures by Gwon Osang Tape Sculptures with Photos between the tape layers. Apart/ Portrait/ Travel/ Alone/ Sculpture

Photography | who killed bambi? - Part 18

Gwon Osang: Sculptures by Korean artist Gwon Osang are made from hundreds of photographs of the original subjects, overlayed onto life-sized mannequins

Idris Khan is a London photographer with an unusual technique of layering multiple images. His work was featured in the March 4th New york Times Magazine.

Idris Khan - London, 2012 Artist’s statement: “To make a single photograph, I use a lot of found imagery. A lot of photographs (the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, St.

Vintage collages of London landmarks by UK artist Abigail Reynolds

Print one copy in black one in blue/cyan. Then take the blue image and draw diagonal squares, select interesting squares and cut in a circle and fold up edges. Place about 1 cm away from identical section on black image.