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Ashish For Topshop Lights Up

Ashish Topshop LED Backpack |

Linda Worbin has been described as the creator of smart textiles. A graduate from Swedish School of Textiles in Boras, Sweden. She recently has been experimenting with smart and interactive textiles. This has involved amazing "thermo chromic textile displays to electroluminescent pillows and textiles" as shown above.

15 awesome, unique and geeky backpack designs

Lee Myung Su | SEIL Backpack uses LED lights to display traffic signals |

Bionic Fashion: Technology You Can Wear

Hussein Chalayan - Smart textiles Lights within fabric and fashion

Silic Self Cleaning Shirt simply doesn’t get wet so you can say goodbye to those nasty food stains. The material is also comfortable to wear and does not contain any cancer causing chemicals. Share on

Stone Island's Heat Reactive Jacket

Smart textiles Heat Reactive Jacket by Stone Island, a tracksuit top which changes colour from black to green/ blue once it has reached 27 degrees. The fabric that is cotton nylon with thermosentive liquid crystals that react to heat.