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Pasta is no doubt a favourite dish among kids and adults. So the next time you plan to make pasta, try this fibre and protein rich version instead. In this recipe feature, the chef provides you with a step-by-step guide to prepare a healthy pasta dish combined with scrumptious curried beans.

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Give your regular gobi ki sabzi a tasty twist with this tried and tested recipe from mum’s kitchen that’ll change your boring lunchbox into a delectable meal. With simple ingredients and easy steps this is a no-fuss recipe that requires little time to prepare and makes even gobi taste delicious! Pack it up with hot rotis and a glass of buttermilk to keep you going through the day. Here's a Mughlai recipe we're sure will make it to your trusty cookbook.

When you have that party this weekend, impress your guests with easy-to-make snacks that sound fancy. Let’s introduce you to this incredibly simple recipe of Mozzarella fritters; in layman’s terms it is called fried cheese snacks. You can serve it with salsa, tartar or tomato sauce. Make them in plenty because these babies are wickedly tempting.

Do you know how the famous chicken 65 got its name? No, it’s not because the recipe contains 65 chilies and it’s certainly not because the chicken is supposed to be 65 days old. Chicken 65 gets its name from the year it was invented in - 1965. A crispy, deep fried appetiser flavoured with curry leaves, it was invented in Chennai’s famous Buhari restaurant and has since become famous all around India as a popular starter. Today, we bring you the classic and simple recipe of chicken 65. Try…

With coconut and a souring agent like kokum or tamarind pulp adding extra flavour and texture, this chicken dish is a South Indian speciality. It is healthy as the chicken used is free range and not broiler. So, it hasn’t been injected with any preservatives. The chicken is loaded with nutrients and tastes better than the broiler variety. Enjoy this spicy and tangy dish!

Are you caught up between your desire to lay a few more minutes on the bed and the inclination to cook up an elaborate lunch? Well, here is a meal which you can prepare in a jiffy and can be called a ‘good lunch’. This is one dish that can be made when you have mutton mince ready at home and basic ingredients stocked up in your spice cupboard.