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Jar of water, cut glow stick (dump contents of glow stick into water), add glitter, put on lid, shake. Would be SO cool for center pieces!

Fairies in a jar

FAIRIES IN A JAR.Is your little one still afraid of the dark. Fairies in the Jar might just solve that problem. To make Fairies in a Jar: Cut a glow stick & shake contents into a jar & add diamond glitter Seal the top with a lid Shake

Alphabet Treasure Hunt. A great outdoor activity idea!

An Alphabet Adventure ... Virtual Book Club for Kids, July 2012

Alphabet Treasure Hunt - Find an item in the house for each letter of the alphabet. Lay out letter magnets to place items by.

Jello Worms -HOW to put jello in straws and make WORMS!!

Jello Worms - Tie a bunch of straws together. pur gelatin into straws. let it sit over night in the fridge. take the straws and let gelatin slide out AND THERE YOU GO! You have jello worms! How to Eat Fried Worms. (Maybe jello shot worms.

How to Teach A 6-Year-Old to Tie Shoes in 5 Minutes. I have never seen this method before but it is AWESOME and much easier than any other 15 step method!!

"Magic Fingers" method of teaching a child to tie their shoes. Apparently it works . I guess I'm just an old dog 'cause I can't figure which strings to grab .

Top Exercises to lose weight

The Five-Ten-Fifteen Workout - Page 3 of 3 - Eat. Burns so good! Do this quick and easy at home workout - no equipment needed. Crossfit style workouts for weight loss

Love this. I would swap out the sand for outdoor play mats. Maybe raise a bit higher for a kid's picnic table and water tables. Storage for their bikes, etc.

Cubbyhouse kits : Diy Handyman Cubby house : Cubbie house Accessories: Plans Add a slide and swing set

Elevated fort

Here at Design Dazzle we gathered some amazing playhouses & treehouses. Take a look for some inspiration for your kid's treehouse or playhouse.