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a plate full of cooked sausages and potatoes
Pineapple Hasselback Kielbasa Bites
Pineapple Hasselback Kielbasa Bites combine the smoky and savory taste of kielbasa with the sweetness of pineapple for a flavorful appetizer or snack. The hasselback technique of slicing, but not all the way through, lets all of the delicious flavors of the sauce get into the sausage and in every bite-sized section!
the instructions for how to cook hot dogs
Authentic New York City “Dirty Water” Hot Dogs
Easy Loaded Potato Dinner, Loaded Potato Dinner Crockpot, Loaded Potato Dinner, Healthy Cheat Meals, Chicken With Herbs, Charles Parks, Crock Pot Meal, Canned Potatoes, Crock Pot Potatoes
Loaded Potato Dinner! | Loaded Potato Dinner! | By Charles Parks | Got some sliced smoked sausage to make us a quick crock pot meal. Mm. Some thirty-two ounce of diced hash brown potatoes. They're cubes. Oh there's a bad one. In that bag. Mm. Couple bad ones in that badge. Just make sure they're all thawed out. They don't need to be frozen. Mhm. And if you have a bag like ours. Pick out the black ones. Then we're going to add two cups of sharp cheddar cheese. One can of cream of chicken. Can't not have that in a crock pot meal. No, everybody's gotta have a And I debated whether or not the half an hour cream of chicken with herbs. Herbs would be good. What in the hat would mix with the sausage. What do y'all think? Would y'all add herbs? Half a stick of butter melted. Mm. Can't go wrong with that salted butter. Mhm. Okay and then we're going to just give this a stir. Wanna have everything kind of mixed in together? Yes. Cuz your sausage is fully cooked already. Mhm. It's just the potatoes. We tried a few bites folks and it is that's some good sausage. Okay, we gotta put it. We want to put maybe a onion in there. So, we're going to chop us up a onion before we put it on. They're super sharp. Kim got some new knives. I did for my birthday. I hope I don't chop off a finger or hand with it. Looks like it's cutting pretty good. It does. Way better than the ones I had before. No, I didn't have it. Do the little chef cut like they do on TV. How's that? Do that little fast one. Oh. Maybe not. Don't cut your finger off. With these hands, you probably don't want to do that. You're cutting good right now. Oh, oh, fancy. You see them fancy fingers, folks? Please don't cut your fingers. Okay now we're just going to put some onions off in here. Don't need a whole bunch but just a few. Some people don't like them. Okay. Stir it up. Now we're going to put the lid on it. And cook it for three hours on high. Okay. And we'll have dinner. Alright, see y'all in three hours. There we go. Damn. It kind of looks like meaty mac and cheese almost. Yep these are potatoes not pasta noodles. Alright. But it does smell good. Okay so we're going to y'all smell that? I wish people could smell that. I know. They need to have a smelling feature on here. Like squirts the scent out of the speakers. Mm Good? It's real good. Real good folks. Easy meal. Quick. Mm.
Sausage and Veggies Skillet with Bell Peppers, Zucchini, and Corn Sausage Recipes, Sausage And Veggies Skillet, Sausage And Veggies, Health Dinner, Health Dinner Recipes, Summer Dinner, High Protein Recipes, Bell Peppers, Healthy Meal Prep
Sausage and Veggies Skillet with Bell Peppers, Zucchini, and Corn - 30 Minute, One-Pan Meal
a salad with meat, cheese and lettuce in a bowl on a table
Grilled Italian Sausage, Bacon and Tortellini Caesar Salad - Fresh Express
a glass casserole dish filled with cooked sausages
Super Easy Baked BBQ Sausage, A Family Favorite Dinner Everyone Loves!