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Contest entry Navarathri golu Marapachi doll decor contest - 2014

Varaverkum Marapachi Thambathiar

At the welcome table, by the side of the main door to our home. This thambathi welcomed all! Also included is the Original Dashavataram Wreath on the door.

marapachi 2014

My ancient marapachi passed to me by my Grand mom, and we put it life using craft items.

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MYSORE - Dasara Pattada gombe or royal dolls - these dolls were presented to the bride and the groom at the time of marriage as toys for the child couple. Yet another lore - these dolls dressed in their wedding attire helped in capturing the moment in the days where technology was clearly non-existent. In the absence of pictures, what better way to remember the way you looked when you were married !! More info - (Malini)