Nature fashion - Kulachek

nature fashion - kulachek THIS WOULD BE A GREAT PHOTO PROJECT OMG. And have them use theirselves. maybe use the cut out part to somehow find places that incorporate the principles

Diane Savona Art

Treasure Hunting Jacket))) Gosh, how I love this wonderfully eccentric piece of art in a jacket! What an amazing idea, to create a tresure hunt on a tweed jac.This is something I could spend hours exploring!

Lace Flowers Cas Holmes

Cas Holmes_Lace Flowers unfolding forms combining an old book on lace making with Kantfabriek lace and lace floral curtains.

Karen Nicol: I use all techniques and any materials, whatever suits what I am trying to say and everything used is with the utmost irreverence. I suppose my ‘chosen technique’ is loosely to push the manipulation of materials and stitch as far as I can. I was fortunate enough to be taught all the traditional techniques from ‘aemilia ars’ to ‘trapunto’ and beyond and think they are all the most brilliant vocabulary to then explore, explode and develop.

Textile artist Karen Nicol pearl e A baptism of fire: An interview with brmixed media textile artist Karen Nicol explores the dichotomy of man wearing animal skins and animals ‘clothed ‘ in skins inspired by human culture

Beach hut framed textile art.

A summery textile beach hut picture. I have used linen and cotton fabrics for the design which has been appliquéd and machine embroidered' The textile art has been framed in a sturdy white frame.

stitched art

Jylians Stitched Artwork: like the un-refined, raw, aspect, as well as some of drawn elements are visible

Textile Portraits, How to Stitch Art, Artist Study with thanks to Lisa Kokin Studies for Art Students at CAPI :::, Mixed Media Textile Art School Portfolio Work Inspiration, Stitch, Sewn, Vintage Photography

I love how she sews the photos together like a web. Lisa Kokin - Persona Sewn found photographs, buttons, 2001

The Art of Embroidered Photographs | Wall Spin, The Zatista Blog

The Art of Embroidered Photographs

Fabric flower printed with Rijksmuseum painting by PuurAnders, €55.00

Fabric flower printed with Rijksmuseum painting 'Portrait of a lady' by Marie Wandscheer by Puur Anders Print things on fabroc to make flowers-flowers with insects drawn on

A Neatly Pressed Life Diane Savona

Diane Savona, A Neatly Pressed Life, "Some people live full, rich lives;