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two images of different shapes and sizes of the same object, each with an interesting pattern
This Monocoque (French for "single shell") Structural Skin was designed by Neri Oxman. It is made from acrylic composites and was made to demonstrate the notion of a structural skin using a "Voronoi pattern". Using a special 3D printing technology Oxman demonstrates parts and assemblies made of multiple materials integrated in a single build. #material #science #surface #texture #iconic #color #organic #form #design #biomimicry #architecture #3D #printing #graphic
two pictures one with an animal and the other with a man in black jacket flying through the air
Flying Squirrel - WingSuit #Biomimesis #Biomimetica #Biomimicry
a pigeon is sitting on the ground next to a piece of metal with water droplets all over it
List of Biomimetic Products
Biomimicry NYC » List of Biomimetic Products
there are four pictures with different things in the same photo and one has shoes on it
Skinners are the revolutionary ultra-portable footwear that you can roll up like socks but provide protection even from broken glass and durable enough even f
three different views of the hand and wrist with instructions on how to use it in order to
Darkfin Gloves by Darkfin #Biomimesis #Biomimetica #Biomimicry
an instagram page with two pictures of butterfly wings and the caption'instagram'below
Majestic Monarch chairs by Eduardo García Campos #Biomimesis #Biomimetica #Biomimicry
the underside of a butterfly's wing with water droplets on it and blue sky in the background
Stain-glass by Andrey Narchuk / 500px
Texture : Butterfly / Papillon