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an oil painting of a city street at night
Artistic Excellence 2016 | First Place: Hsin-Yao Tseng - Southwest Art Magazine
an oil painting of a city with tall buildings
two paintings of people walking down the street in the snow and on the road with cars
Value Study in Watercolors - Andy Evansen
a painting of cars and people walking in the rain
Maria Zinca...
Maria Zinca... - Kai Fine Art
an oil painting of a city street with buildings and boats in the water at sunset
Study, Krenz Cushart
ArtStation - Krenz Cushart
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Temu|Travel Watercolor Book Mini Portable Sketch Book Medium And Thick Texture Pu Cover Art Student's Painting Art Supplies
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a drawing of a man's face with the names of different colors on it
Draw and Share
three different pictures of the same woman's face, with lines drawn on them
Self Portrait | Art Education | Jessica Russo Scherr
an image of crowns with flowers and birds on them in different colors, sizes and shapes
THE 12 CROWNS (Art Nouveau decorative models by A. Seder
The 12 Crowns, Art Nouveau decorative models by A. Seder : Olive crown, Lilies crown, Roses Crown, Laurel crown (with Prussian eagle), Thistle crown, Oak crown, Lily-of-the-valley crown, Daisy crown, Pomegranate crown, Spring flowers crown, Peacock crown and Palm crown. -- Artwork by the Austrian artist prof. Anton Seder (1850-1916), Stuttgart: J. Hofman Verlag, ca 1890. -- Photo by *F.F.F., 2011.
a painting of two people standing in front of a large bell with snow on the ground
A Pascha of Beauty - In a Soviet Prison - 1928 - Glory to God For All Things