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the contents of a camera and some other things to include in this info sheet for creating content
Must-Haves for Content Creators
I’ve been creating content for over 10 years now, which is crazy to think about. It has taken me years to perfect how I operate and I’ve tried every gadget, camera, and planner along the way. For all of the aspiring content creators out there, I thought it would be helpful to round-up my favorite tools for creating content. With these tools, I’ve been able to streamline my workflow and elevate the quality of my content. If you're an aspiring blogger or content creator, check out my fav tools!
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How To Get The Dark Aesthetic✨ 📍Share this, save this & follow @rebellemj @socialwithmj for more 🤍 Y’all know I’ll always put y’all on. I just learned about this way and wanted to share it with y’all. There’s MULTIPLE ways to get the dark aesthetic edit and I’ve done a lot of other tutorials to show it with lesser steps, but wanted to share this way also. 📌 It’s day 16 of a reel a day! I’ve been consistent, shoutout to me! 💻 Want to grow? Feeling stuck? I’ve been there. Check out my growth guide ebook in my bio to help you grow your account organically like I did. 🔗LINK IN BIO! 🚫 Disclaimer: you have to put the work in, in order to see results. My ebook isn’t a Bible. It’s a guide, with steps I’ve followed that helped me grow. You got this! 📱Need an account audit? Get a sec
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Ig: @reesienotes Upload Custom Made Stickers to Your Videos ✨Highly Requested✨ If you film using the instagram or tik tok app the stickers option can be your bestfriend when wanting to spice up your font styles. 🏷someone who needs to see this #creatortipsandtricks #creatortips #editinghacks #reelsvideo #editingreels #editingtiktok #influencertips #influencermarketing #cameratips #editingapps
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Ig: @reesienotes How to Edit to the Beat ✨Highly Requested✨ This is a learned skill, if you pay attention to music and understand the flow of how the song goes then you can edit to the beat. Some music might not have beats so you might have to edit to the piano or singers words . Tip: study music videos, and other creators content… see when they cut to another position or video/photo. 🏷tag some one who needs to see this #editingtips #editinghacks #cameratips #editingreels #reelstutorial #reelstutorials #edittothebeat #reesienotes #creatortips #creatortipsandtricks
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Zoom Effect for Videos You can use any editing app with a “Crop” & “Split” Function to achieve this effect . Tag someone who needs to see this Follow @reesienotes for more tips. Content on other Platforms: • 📸 Instagram 📸 • Lifestyle : @lovereesie • Creator Tips: @reesienotes Wig Essentials : @reesiewigs 🎥Tik Tok 🎥 • Beauty & Fashion @reesiediaries Creator Tips: @reesienotes 🎞Youtube🎞 Hair, Fashion, Selfcare : Love Reesie 📝Blog📝 Business Inquiries Only: • Email: Portfolio: •
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Content Creation For Online Business 2023 Must Haves
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