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An American Haunting

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2004: Supernatural movie inspired by the Bell Witch legend, set in 1817 Tennessee. A poltergeist haunts Betsy (Rachel Hurd-Wood) and her schoolmaster (James D'Arcy) is called in to help. Filmed (04 Oct - 02 Dec 2004) at Media Pro Studios, near Curtea de Arges & Montreal. World premiere on 05 Nov 2005 at AFI Film Fest. In Nashville. Brussels & Amsterdam 2006 Film Festivals. Won 5 Nominations (Teen Choice, Fangoria, Golden Trailer). Worldwide Cinema Release: 14 April 2006 (UK) & 05 May 2006 (USA)

James and Donald Sutherland at the American Haunting Premiere -- they worked together again in the 2009 CBS pilot, The Eastmans.

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EPK Donald Sutherland on James: "He was fun, he was lovely to work with. I developed a great friendship with James and Matthew and Tom Fell. Uh, they’re English actors and they worked very hard on their accents and they did wonderfully well, I think. And James was someone that Courtney and I, together with Sissy, asked for. And he was—he’s the—the lynchpin of the movie. The narrator. And it’s, uh, he has—he just brings that kind of intelligence and sobriety and wit to the screen."

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Jay Jacobs May 4, 2006 interview for Pop Entertainment: James, I heard that you don’t like horror movies. James D’Arcy: Well, only because I do exactly what I’m supposed to do in a horror film. Which is… Rachel Hurd-Wood: Cry like a little girl. (chuckles) James D’Arcy: She’s been doing this all day. (laughs) You know, I jump up in the air. I scream. And then I can’t sleep for four days afterwards. Ever since I saw The Shining, I’m not very good at horror films.

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