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The Snowman

2016: Norwegian crime thriller from the 7th Jo Nesbo novel - Detective Harry Hole (Michael Fassbender) investigates a dead woman whose pink scarf is wrapped around an ominous-looking snowman. James has a key role which hasn't been announced yet. Filming for 10 weeks (18 January - 31 March 2016) in Oslo, Bergen and Rjukan, Norway. Theatre Release: 13 October 2017 (Universal Pictures)
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27 Jan 2016: @27secondsofembla instagram shared this photo with us. A photo with her favourite actor at Tveterasen on the set of Snowman. Thanks for sharing!!! xo

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03 Feb 2016: James D'Arcy with young fans who were on the set of Snowman - from @klainsjaik instagram (Thank you for sharing!)

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March 31: Today, Snowman came to Blindern Athletica or Sports Building at the University of Oslo. -- Last day of filming

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March 29: Michael Fassbender at Les Sources de Caudalie in France.-- BeatFassbender / twitter

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March 31, 2016 (Thursday) DAGSLYS / facebook (light equipment supplier) "57 shooting days; It's a wrap!!! #thesnowman" — at Brenneriveien.

On the United International Pictures (Norway) website, James is listed 3rd on the credits. UPI holds the non-theatrical distribution rights to Paramount and Universal films.

April 7: Harry Hole stand-in, Daniel Frikstad (left) & Michael Fassbender.

April 6: prop warehouse sale #snowman (leftovers from the production) #filmbyenOslo #byregjering from rinamariann / instagram

April 1:frank_collins/instagram - No more snow... #Wrapparty #thesnowman

April 1:missmyhre_/instagram - It's a (w)rap party #TomasAlfredson #MotherofDrones&TheDirector #TheSnowman #stratos4life