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An organized kitchen is the secret to a happy camping trip. Build your own wooden camp kitchen chuck box to take to the campground!

What skills do children learn from Den (fort) building --- This UK article describes a park which has a dedicated area, supplied with sticks for the children to use for building their forts. Is anyone aware of any U.S. parks like this one? if so, please comment!!!

Lovely and simple. Would like a higer bed and a full height cupboard instead. DIY stealth CaLmper - Album on Imgur

CD SCRATCH ART - Kids can have loads of fun with old CDs making vibrant Colourful CD Scratch Art. It's a fabulous recycled and process art opportunity for kids of all ages.

Dual Twin Individual Folding Bunk System Liftco Part# 960012 This unique bed system allows either bunk to be used independently from the other. Need extra floor space, sleep in the top bunk and leave the bottom folded away. This setup provides maximum flexibility for your sleeping quarters.