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Ancient Orb is a retro styled platform game where you have to collect orbs and…

Ancient Orb is a retro styled platform game where you have to collect orbs and light the way. Play Ancient Orb on Monster Games.

Scary Escape Asylum

Scary Escape Asylum is an atmospheric escape game. Play Scary Escape Asylum on Monster Games.

Robo Racing 2

Robo Racing 2 is a cool Transformers style shooter. Play Robo Racing 2 on Monster Games.


Cloudia is a weird little platform game. Play Cloudia on Monster Games.

Freak Show

Freak Show is a creepy escape game. Play Freak Show on Monster Games.

Two Tap

Two Tap is a simple but addictive reaction game. Play Two Tap on Monster Games.

I Broke the Time

I Broke the Time is a pretty cool platform game with a great backstory. Play I Broke the Time on Monster Games.


She is an unusual, short and atmospheric platform game that is well worth trying. Play She on Monster Games.

Slap the Trump

Slap the Trump is an arcade game where you try to literally Slap the Trump, as Hillary.

Fun Bubble Shooter

Fun Bubble Shooter is an update on the original bubble puzzle game. Play Fun Bubble Shooter on Monster Games.


Fillz is a great new puzzle game. Give your brain a workout by trying to solve all the Fillz levels.

Adventures of Yuki

Adventures of Yuki is an anime style shooter. Play Adventures of Yuki on Monster Games.

Sum Tracks 2

Sum Tracks 2 is a cool math puzzle game. Play Sum Tracks 2 on Monster Games.

SSSG: Haunted Castle

SSSG: Haunted Castle brings some classic point and click adventure fun. Play SSSG: Haunted Castle on Monster Games.

Rush Team Free FPS Multiplayer

Rush Team Free FPS Multiplayer

Click Farm

Click Farm is a clicker game where you have to expand you farm. Play Click Farm on Monster Games.