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Bluesky Healthcare

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As part of our on-going commitment to quality and reliability, Bluesky Healthcare has sourced mobility scooters from Heartway Scooters, a global manufacturer reputed for their research, design, innovation and quality. Our range of scooters is designed for Australian conditions and is quality ISO 9001 certified. In addition to being the exclusive distributors of the top branded mobile scooters, we offer added scooter customisation options that cater to your individual needs.

The only stairclimber worldwide that allows transporting all types of wheelchairs, including electrical wheelchairs The stairclimber Public is the world’s only portable inclined platform lift. The unique platform design will accommodate all types of wheelchairs including power, child sports, and conventional adult wheelchairs.

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Don't strain yourself lifting your Mobie Folding Mobility Scooter again! The Mobie Lift folding mobility scooter lift is the ideal accessory for your Mobie folding mobility scooter

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The stairclimber SA-2 adapts to most wheelchairs and can be taken apart easily for storage or transport in a car. The product is very robust and requires a minimum of maintenance.

The only stairclimber worldwide that allows using your own wheelchair without the need for an assisting person

The Liftboy 5 lift is built to carry a wheelchair and passenger safely up and down levels with up to 1300mm difference in height. The lift has a modern design with glass inserts in the sidewalls and upper gate. As an option to the automatic folding ramp the Liftboy 5 can also be equipped with a platform gate.

The Liftboy is designed for indoor and outdoor use! As the weatherproof lifting platform with a total weight of only 70 kg can easily be put up, it offers a perfect solution also for urgent or temporary needs. The lift can be equipped with special side entry or exit, upper access gate or transport wheels.

The Evac Skate is an evacuation device used to move people with a disability or injury down stairways quickly and safely during an emergency. It’s patented speed governor and braking system allows a small attendant to easily evacuate a larger passenger. The tracks grip the stairs, regardless of the stair construction material.

All of our Racks have the left-hand ramp (unloading on the footpath side) which is a legal requirement in all states of Australia. Additionally, all Racks are now supplied with the Australian Compliant Light Kit as standard equipment and part of the price.

We offer Scooter Racks for the larger models, these can easily be mounted to the back of almost every car. For smaller/ portable scooters that may still be too heavy for lifting due to balance and back issues, we offer a mobile hoist which requires no installation.