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Love Birds - The Lilypad Gallery

<p>This is such an inspiring kit! I think it\'s the first time I\'ve ever scrapped photos on the same day I took them!</p><br /> <p><a href="">One Little Bird Woodridge kit</a></p><br /> <p><a href="../store/Woodridge-Journaling-Cards.html">One Little Bird Woodridge journal cards</a></p><br /> <p><a href="">Paislee Press pictures + words no 9</a></p><br /> <p><a ...


Autumn - The Lilypad Gallery

<p>This is my first time doing any of the challenges! Love this template and adore the kit by <a href="../store/paislee-goodmorning.html">Paislee Press</a>.</p><br /> <p> </p>


Coffee - The Lilypad Gallery

<p>Apparently I am not caught up!</p><br /> <p><a href="../store/life-is-beautiful.html">Life is Beautiful kit</a>  and <a href="">journal cards</a> by Amber LaBau</p>

June 1

<p><a href="../store/life-is-beautiful.html">Life is Beautiful kit</a> and <a href="">journal cards</a> by Amber LaBau</p>

June 2